Lawyers involved in the on-going election petition hearing are to meet with officials of accounting firm, KPMG, to discuss a draft report of its audited pink sheets.

The Supreme Court appointed the firm to undertake the exercise following complaints from the respondents’ lawyers that the number of pink sheets submitted by the petitioners fall below the over eleven thousand they claimed to have given to the court’s registry.

Meanwhile, the judges have ordered that a set of pink sheets in the possession of Presiding Judge Justice William Atuguba would be used as a control mechanism for the auditing process.

Gloria Akufo, a member of the petitioner’s legal team said “there is a scheduled meeting on Monday to discuss the draft as agreed upon…”

She was however unsure whether the meeting will be held before or after the counting of Justice Atuguba’s pink sheets.

Meanwhile the spokesperson for the NDC legal team, Victor Kojoga Adawudu also confirmed their representatives will be in the meeting.

“…They will look at the draft report that has been given and they will look at the modalities by which they will go ahead with the work to count the control [pink sheets] as the court order indicated,” he stated.