As part of activities to mark the 2022 Engineering Week Celebration and Conference, the Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE), on Monday, 28th March, 2022, inducted 130 Engineers, made up of 114 Professional Engineers by Examination and 16 Professional Engineers by Confirmation Hearing of Oral Examination into the Institution.

This took place at an induction ceremony held at the Academy of Arts and Sciences, in Accra.

Welcoming the engineers to the ceremony, the Executive Director of GhIE, Ing. David Nyante said, the inductees are here today because they took the bold step to become Professional Engineers, adding that, “no educational institution can make you a Professional Engineer. It’s only Professional who can make Professionals”.

 He drew the attention of the inductees to the fact that a professional produces a high standard of work all the time including those that are seen and those that cannot be seen. The traits of a professional include competence, knowledge, integrity, respect, confidence amongst others.

The Chairman of the Membership Committee of GhIE, Ing. Dr. Patrick A. Bekoe provided details of inductees from the four Technical Divisions, saying, “a total of 114 candidates participated in the various examination of which 30 were Civil Engineers, 16 Mechanical/Agric Engineers, 14 Chemical/Mining Engineers and 54 Electrical/ElectronicEngineers. In addition, 16 candidates participated in the confirmation hearing of which seven were from Civil division, three Mechanical/Agric division, four Chemical/Mining division and two Electrical/Electronic division”. 

These confirmation hearing candidates were senior engineers who have the requisite engineering qualification, and have practiced considerable number of years and have proved their mettle. but for some reason not registered to become members of the GhIE.

They were considered for the confirmation hearing but did not partake in the Technical Review and Written Examination. They however undertook the Oral Examination.