Meet DredW, the producer ‘grinding’ to success

Meet DredW, the producer ‘grinding’ to success
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Date: 10-04-2018 Time: 03:04:54:pm

Winfred Ametepe is based in Accra and is popularly known as DredW in entertainment circles. He started making beats as a hobby in 2008 but moved into the professional realm in 2012. 

He has worked with artistes and producers such as EL, Mr Eazi, Richie Mensah, Gasmilla, FlowKing Stone, David Jay, Zigi, Edem, Magnom, Juls, WondaBoy, Tee Phlow, Kojo-Cue, Peeweezil, C-Real, J-Town, M3dal, Feli Nuna, Raquel and many more in Ghana and beyond. 

DredW spent all the free time he had outside attending classes at Valley View University to produce. Upon finishing school, DredW signed a deal with Lynx Entertainment as an in-house producer and assistant Engineer.

He has recently worked with Magnom, Mr Eazi, Flowking Stone, David Jay & WondaBoy, just to name a few. “I really like a lot of bass, melodies, drums, and I make a lot of my beats based on the mood I’m in, so you can imagine the number of beats I’ve made.”

Did you ever want to be a producer?

Nope... growing up I wanted to be a computer programmer. It was in Mfantsipim School that I started having the passion for music, and ever since it’s been music music music. But I still have dreams of being a programmer. Who knows one day I could own the biggest IT firm in Africa.

What do you imagine people doing as they listen to your productions?

I see people enjoying themselves and being as expressive as possible. I definitely see artistes going crazy and wanting to record my beats ASAP.

What or who influenced your style of music?

Richie Mensah, Sarz, E.L, Peeweezil and Magnom.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2018?

Producing, trying to make as much music as I possibly can and I can’t wait for everybody to hear what I’ve been working on. I’m very ready to make that transition into being one of the best music producers from Africa and most importantly Ghana. I want to make a difference and add a lot, a lot of positive things to be exact, this has been my goal ever since.

Are you still under Lynx Entertainment?

Man, I was blessed to have signed with them back then for two years. I really learnt a lot from Richie Mensah… I mean he influenced my production in a very positive way. I’m doing my own thing now and I just released my second single ‘Efite’ featuring E.L & M3dal which is receiving good airplay on local and international radio stations, and soon after I released my first project “Learning Sessions”. I plan on releasing more songs as a producer and maybe start rapping or singing soon. You’ll never know.

You have produced for a couple of top artistes. Which will you say is your favourite to work with?

Wow… I don’t think I can pick one out of the lot. Probably all of them can be said to be my favorites.

Tell Me More About Learning Sessions?

Learning Sessions is a nine-track instrumental mixtape with features from J-Town & BBnZ artiste Shaker. The aim is to put out some good beats for artistes around the world to hop on. I went as far as getting some hooks from J-town & Shaker as well, so you know it’s not just a bunch of good beats. It’s on Aftown for purchase and stream.

Name two musicians people should look out for (African)

Magnom and M3dal. Double M

What’s your style of production or music as a whole?

I don’t really have a style of production, restricting myself to one is the last thing I want to do. I want to be able to produce any kind of song but most important genres of African descent. Same goes for music. I listen to any kind of music, depends on the mood I’m in.

You mentioned that you released a song with E.L. tell us more

‘Efite’ is more or less like a heartbreak song… not me though. But yeah it’s a very good song and I was blessed to have E.L on the hook and M3dal on the verse. I mean L is a big brother since and really helped me with my music production. It’s an old song actually about five years old but I just released it about two weeks ago, getting some good airplay already with positive feedback. It’s on Aftown too for purchase and stream.

What is your main goal (musically)

To be one of the best to ever do it, from Africa but Ghana to be exact.

What kind of West African season are you? Rainy or Dry? Why?

Rainy season to be honest. Like you know keep dropping songs produced by myself on you all and if possible flood the system that you all can’t even go to work.

Describe how you want your 2018 to go with any song.

Monday yeah yeah, Tuesday yeah yeah, Grind Day yeah yeah.  (Kwesi Arthur – Grind Day) [Work hard known stop].