Give underground artistes slots on big shows – Rapper Ikroniq pleads

Give underground artistes slots on big shows – Rapper Ikroniq pleads
Source: Maxwell Amoofia |
Date: 18-05-2019 Time: 09:05:24:am
Ikroniq Banks

It is usual to hear up-and-coming artistes lament about the lack of support given to them by the industry.

Their lamentations stem from the argument that the music industry should develop talents at all stages but it appears only mainstream artistes are given attention.

One underground artiste who shares in this sentiment is rapper Ikroniq Banks who has been doing music since his primary school days.

When the rapper was asked by Dr Pounds on Hitz Gallery on Hitz FM how he wanted the industry to help them, Ikroniq surprisingly requested for 20 slots for underground artistes on major events.

“At least, like some of these big shows, Ghana Rocks, Decemba2Rememba etc at least…we should have 10 up-and-coming acts constant or maybe 20. But at least 10,” he requested.

The rapper believes that this arrangement will help to highly boost the careers of underground artistes because performances on major shows give great exposure.

He also cautioned his colleagues against demanding to perform at the latter stages of the show when they are offered opening act performances.

Ikroniq has released several songs including ‘Wey Dey Town’ featuring Article Wan, ‘40k’ ‘Over’. ‘Mogul’, ‘Blow’ and many others.

The underground artiste has two videos to his credit and preparing to shoot a video for his song featuring Article Wan.