The Equator Energy has developed a new solar powered hand washing machine as part of effort to fight Covid-19 across the country.

The automated hand washing machine named ‘The Agyeman’ comes with a touch-free faucet operating technology is solar powered with an adjustable panel rack and detachable parts for easy conveyance.

Outdooring the new invention, Equator Energy’s Chief Executive Officer, Kofi Acolatse said it will make hand washing more convinient for its users.

He noted that the surfacing of Covid-19 has made hand washing and other safety precautions the new normal.

In view of that, inventions that will make people easily abide by the rules be introduced.

“This Covid-19 pandemic has made hand washing some second nature in our lives and we’d have to keep at it until the world defeats this surreal virus.

“So even though developing this system is not at the crust of what we do, we’ve been incentivized at how outfits are putting shoulders to the wheel to help in the this fight to defeat this pandemic.

“So heavily predicated on this desire, we had to put our engineers to work to develop something smart and durable yet affordable,” he stated.