Marricke Kofi Gane is a chartered accountant, an international development practitioner, and an author with 11 books to his credit.

His experiences in working with different governments across the world are enumerated in his vision for Ghana as captured in one of his books 'Marricke Gane Chronicles' which he described as his manifesto. 

Mr Gane's books basically focus a number of changes that need to be made in various areas of the country in comparison with other nations which are doing well considering the odds against them. 

The international development expert has often made mention of ‘critical thinking’ in his books. He professes three kinds of critical thinking comprises. 

One of them is quick thinking which is being able to think on one’s feet emergency situations arise, the other is analytical thinking which involves looking at a problem beyond its symptoms in a structured way and identifying the causes.

The third is creative thinking which allows a person to explore different ways of solving problems.

He sat down JOY BUSINESS’ on-air business thought leadership programme, Executive Lounge hosted by Nhyira Addo. 

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