Mr Martin Djan Anakwah, Assembly Member for Ademorobe near Aburi in the Akuapem South District said five sick persons lost their lives due to flooding in the area.

He said the three days of continuous downpour destroyed the roads leading to the hospital and prevented people who needed medical attention from reaching health centres.

Mr Anakwah told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview at Ademorobe on Friday that the rains, which started last Friday till Sunday destroyed houses, roads, school buildings, farms as well as personal belongings worth millions of cedis.

He said the road that linked the community to Aburi as well as the one to Oyibi got flooded and prevented the sick and pregnant persons from travelling to nearby clinics or hospitals for treatment.

Nana Korkor Owoontah I, Ankobeahenemaa of Ademorobe appealed to the Deputy Minister for Transportation, Mr Magnus Opare Asamoah to ensure that the contractor working on the roads in the area expedites work on the projects.

She appealed to the Minister to help rebuild structures especially roads leading to the hospital that were destroyed by the rains to avoid a serious health problem.

Mr Alex Addae, Unit Committee Chairman in the area appealed to the Akuapem South District Assembly, donor agencies and philanthropic organisations to assist the community to construct culverts and drains in the area.

Source: GNA


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