The organisers of the #FixTheCountry demonstration scheduled on Sunday, May 9, have announced a format for a virtual protest.

In a press release Saturday, the conveners said they are declaring “Sunday as a day to serve our Motherland,” directing like-minded Ghanaians to “remember to honour Mother Ghana by wearing black to tell her that you will not give up on her.”

They further directed their fans to upload pictures of themselves wearing black and sharing it on social media with the hashtags, #FixMotherGhana, #FixTheCountry, #FixTheCountryGhanaNow.”

“We also ask you to Wear Black throughout Sunday. Wherever you are! Whether you are in trotro or a V8, Wear Black,” the statement said.

Ghanaian youth who are dissatisfied with the conditions in the country are not relenting in their bid to demand accountability through a social media campaign.

The demonstration was meant to amplify sentiments such as rising youth unemployment, inefficient health systems, skyrocketing cost of rent, poor road networks among others.

Despite an injunction secured by the police against the #FixTheCountry demonstration slated for May 9, the youth are unperturbed.

They have expressed their displeasure at the restraining order granted by the High Court and further accused the government of securing same on their blind side.

#FixTheCountry adopts virtual protest

Despite the injunction barring them from hitting THhe streets, the organisers have decided to resort to the virtual platform where it all begun.

The organisers have directed their teeming supporters that on each hour between 1 pm and 4 pm on Sunday, “we are inviting everyone including trotro, taxi, Uber drivers and okada riders to blow their horns for 1 minute.”

For those at home in all their communities have been asked to “bang on utensils for one minute” at the same time and upload photos of themselves in action with the shared hashtag.

Again, the supporters are being asked to “Record videos of yourself!  Pouring out your issues that need to be fixed to the world!” so the world hears them out.

“You can also choose to Stand ALONE anywhere, including at vantage points in your community holding placards or signs with the Hashtags. Take pictures or videos and upload them online,” the directive added.

According to the organisers, “the May 9th Protest has not been planned as a one-off event. All the attempts to deny us our voices have shown us that our approach of mobilising in the Virtual Space is our strongest force. We will not allow their tyranny to reach the virtual space.”