Flooding stalls Pwalugu Dam project – PRO claims

Public Relations Officer for the Pwalugu Dam Project, David Prah, says work on the $1 billion facility has only stalled because of the Bagre Dam spillage and resultant flooding.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Kojo Yankson, he explained that the main area at which the construction is supposed to take place has been submerged in water.

Continuing work on the project will only lead to inaccurate readings which will affect their output, Mr Prah stated.

“It is very prudent and wise that you stay off and let the danger recede so that you can proceed. We need to demarcate properly and lift what we have on the drawings to the site,” he added.

The Pwalugu Dam has been touted as the solution to the perennial flooding which ravages three regions in Northern Ghana. 

The proposed multi-purpose dam will also benefit the region’s population in terms of irrigation development, flood management as well as power generation.

Meanwhile, Mr Prah says that they are ready to hire about 1200 people for the construction of the dam when the work resumes.

He revealed that there had been demarcations for a campsite to house the workers.

“The construction of dams is not one or two days affair,” The PRO added.

However, Kobina Yakubu, the carpenter who now serves as a caretaker at the stalled construction site, said that the Chinese constructors have moved to work on the Tamale Interchange.

He told Kojo Yankson that the foreign constructors had said they are waiting for some money owed them before they return to the dam’s site.