He was in his large plantation until sunset then fear came in. His farm was a lovely place but not when he was there alone at night. On that farm, he feared in the night what he did not fear in the day.  

What is in the night that makes it fearful? We are afraid to be on the road in the night but not in the day. Kids are even afraid to be in their own rooms alone in the night than in the day.

What makes the night fearful? Ever thought of that? And what embolden us in the day? Even our own shadows scare us in the night.

What is it in the night which is not in the day or what is in the day that the night lacks? The association of evil with the night, is it just labeling or the night is intrinsically fearful?  And the joy of the day, what is in the day that gladdens the heart? And why do we associate God with light and the devil darkness? Why must good have light and bad darkness?

I submit that the light is as good as the darkness.

Imagine a world without darkness; no evening meetings with friends, no bedtime stories for kids at night and no way to take a break from the sun and its heat. The night is not evil, it gives us an appreciation of the day, the night marks the times and the seasons. Not that it is better than the day but it is equally useful.

What we know of darkness is not what darkness actually is but what has been attributed to it. Note that bad things happen during the day too: several accidents during the day, the heat of the sun during the day yet the day is permanently viewed as good and night bad. All because of what has been attributed to them.  

 The ascription of evil to the night can happen to people too. We must not accept false labeling and attributions to us. We should not do it to ourselves even if they are true. We must reject them. And insist that only what is right is associated with us.

We should make it difficult for others to negatively view us, we become what people ascribe to us, good or bad, true or false. We should insist on being labeled positively.


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