Beneficiaries of the government’s Free SHS policy are leading a youth-focused campaign to win the Asawasi Constituency for the New Patriotic Party.

The party’s own research indicates high chances of winning the Asawase seat by attracting the young voter’s population in the area. 

The NDC in 2016 won the parliamentary seat with a difference of over five thousand votes, a reduction in the 12,906 difference attained in 2012.

Similarly, the presidential figure reduced from over 13 thousand to over 6000.

In 2016, Alidu Seidu now the Municipal Chief Executive of Asokore Mampong Municipality lost to incumbent MP, Muntaka Mubarak. The two will again stand in for their parties NPP and NDC respectively.

With the improved performance of the NPP in the constituency occupied by the opposition NDC, the parliamentary seat is high on the list of seats to be snatched by the NPP in the December 7 Parliamentary election.

According to the NPP, the Asawasi Constituency has a young voter population. For this reason, the party is campaigning on youth-focused promises in its 2020 manifesto.

Free SHS beneficiaries lead NPP campaign in Asawase

The group of Free SHS beneficiaries, introduced by the NPP, lead the charge, explaining the impact the policy introduced by the party had on their lives.

“We are focusing on what the NPP has done for the youth so far and also the campaign promises. You can trust the NPP to deliver these promises based on what they have done with the Free SHS.  This is our message and so far the people are happy and have accepted the message,”   Augustine Kesse is Public Relations Officer of the group.

The SHS leavers take the electorate through proper voting rudiments, aimed at cutting down on rejected ballots in the coming election.

So far, they have managed to reach most of the homes in Aboabo, Alabar and other places known as stronghold of the NDC.

National coordinator for the group, Nash Hameed believes the NPP stands a chance of winning the election based on achievements in their first term.

“These young ones are really doing a massive job, driving this campaign in an area which has been a no go zone for a long time. I am confident the NPP will win this area,” he said.