Some major marketers of petroleum products have started reducing their prices marginally.

Diesel witnessed the biggest reduction among the products that have been reviewed by the marketers.

Total, Shell and Goil together, commands about 40 percent of the petroleum products and retail market in Ghana, therefore any action by these companies in terms of price reduction could be used to gauge industry prices.  

According figures picked up by Joy Business, Goil has reduced the price of diesel by 4 percent.

This should mean that a gallon of diesel will now be going for 14 Ghana Cedis 17 pesewas.  A gallon of petrol is selling at 15 Ghana cedis 25 pesewas, after 2 percent reduction.

However if you should drive to a Shell service station, a gallon of diesel will be sold to you at 14 Ghana cedis 98 pesewas, while  diesel,  which has witnessed a 4 percent reduction would be sold at  14 Ghana 98 pesewas.

At Total a gallon of petrol is now selling at 15 Ghana cedis 25 pesewas, while diesel is also going for 14 Ghana cedi 17 pesewas.