Getting married abroad seems to be becoming more en vogue for the Ghanaian couple these days.

South Africa – Western Cape province, to be precise is fast becoming a popular destination that Ghanaians are choosing as a place to say I do.

This is because South Africa has the familiarity of Africa but it has a whole rich culture of its own.

Getting married on the beach in a foreign country is a dream wedding for a growing number of couples.

Weddings abroad can serve as a dual purpose as the wedding can be tied in with the honeymoon.

Couples have the great opportunity to say their vows and then continue on with their honeymoon exactly where they are or they can move around to a different part of the country, it is ideal time to spend a relaxing time with the nearest and dearest.

Choosing to get wed abroad can actually work out cheaper than getting married in Ghana as invariably the less people that attend the wedding means the less expense it works out to be per head.

This new trend has become appealing because there seems to be so many benefits for making such a choice – the distance means you won’t have to invite every Tom, Dick and Harry, also known as your extremely distant/extended family, you can have an intimate wedding with the people you really want to be there and have a memorable once in a lifetime experience.