GFA President, Kurt Okraku

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has directed the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to reconstitute the Management Committee of the Ghana Black Stars.

The decision was taken after an emergency meeting between the Ministry and the Association on Friday, January 21.

At the meeting, the parties reviewed the performance of the Black Stars at the 2021 Total Energies Africa Cup of Nations and discussed preparations towards the 2022 World Cup playoffs.

In a press statement sighted by JoyNews, the Ministry “made it clear to the GFA that the people of Ghana have lost confidence in the capacity of the current technical team of the Black Stars to deliver success.”

The GFA was therefore also directed to “review the work and capacity of the current Black Stars’ technical team, led by the head coach, Milovan Rajevac.”

Prior to the meeting, the Sports Ministry had expressed its disappointment in the senior national soccer team for its abysmal performance at the ongoing AFCON tournament in Cameroon.

The Black Stars failed to advance from the group stage in the tournament after losing to Comoros in its final game in Group C.

The team exited the tournament with a point. They also lost to Morocco in their opening game and drew with Gabon in their subsequent game.

The Sports Ministry’s directives to the Ghana Football Association come at a time when some Ghanaians are calling for the disbandment of the current Black Stars team and the removal of Milovan Rajevac as head coach.

They argue that the current state of the team is not formidable to come up against any team in the World Cup.

Although the Ministry of Youth and Sports has not followed through with public demands, the Ministry has assured the public “it will always act in the best interest of the country with the ultimate goal of improving the performance and competitiveness of our national team”.

GFA takes blame for Black Stars’ early exit

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) President, Kurt Okraku says he accepts the blame for the Black Stars’ poor performance at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

Speaking on Asempa FM, Mr Okraku said: “our plans did not happen at the tournament, it is unfortunate and this is not what Ghanaians deserve. Ghanaians deserve a very very competitive team, a team that will bring glory to the country a team that will bring happiness to our people.”

The GFA President added: “It didn’t work. I’m a leader of the family, I take full responsibility but it is also our collective responsibility to remain calm to support these gallant players who have offered themselves to serve our country.

“They need support so they can grow and win trophies for Ghana. For those who were not ready to serve Ghana we cannot force them, of course, these are the players who have dedicated themselves to the national calls and who want to sacrifice even in difficulties and I’m saying this group of players were ready to sacrifice their blood for Ghana.”

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