The Ghana Association of Urological Surgeons has expressed concern with cases of prostate diseases across the country, including Benign prostatic hyperplasia, Prostatitis and Prostate cancer. 

Speaking to Joynews, the Association observed cases of prostate diseases are increasing with men above 40 years suffering from the condition.

The concern comes as Ghana begins a series of outreaches, including free surgeries, to mark this year’s prostate diseases awareness month commemorated annually in September.

The group at the Kumasi South Hospital is collaborating with other members across the country to organise free Prostate surgeries and awareness for individuals.

A Urologist and Head of the Prostate Diseases Campaign at the Kumasi South Hospital, Dr Samuel Amanamah, said the Association rolled out the initiative to help vulnerable individuals with the disease who cannot afford to pay for the surgery.

He believes the move will go a long way to address challenges related to prostate illness in Ghanaian society.

Dr Amanamah calls on benevolent individuals, corporate bodies and NGOs to support the good course.

Dr John Boakye Addae at the Suntreso Government Hospital emphasises the need for men above 40 years to visit health facilities for screening and early detection regularly.

He observed some patients may die as a result of ignorance.

Dr Addae encourages prostate patients to locate the right health facilities for screening to prevent complications.

Dr Francis Kofi Osei, a Urology Specialist at the Kumasi South Hospital, states that the campaign is geared towards saving lives and putting smiles on patients’ faces. 

Some patients prepared for surgeries are excited but lamented the disease was a huge setback to their lives.

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