The World Cup ended in July but Ghana is still paying the price for it's infamous exit from the tournament as its finds itself on the front pages of the press five months after the last ball was kicked in anger.

The image of Ghana defender John Boye kissing a wad of cash has probably become as iconic as that of Mario Goetze's celebration after scoring the winning goal against Argentina .The announcement on Thursday that the Ghana Football Association was paying back the government loan that is currently the subject of a Presidential enquiry has not gone unnoticed the world over.

News wires are abuzz with the announcement of the pay back, from the mega outlet to the small town daily.

Check this from the Washington Post.

Or this one from the Associated Press.

The Merced Sun-Star also liked it though we don't even know where that is.


A few more that readers cam probably help identifying also carried the happy news of the loan repayment.