Ghana Water Company Ltd (GWCL) as part of its long term measure in improving water supply to industries in Tema has taken steps to dedicate a production centre to commercial customers.  

The ever-increasing demand for water requires that the company finds innovative ways to serve all customers.

The project currently at the feasibility stage will draw water from Volta River, around Aveyime through to Dawa areas into the industries in Tema.

Once this comes to full fruition, GWCL will take off industries from Tema booster to help supply them with enough water, leaving existing lines for domestic users.

Speaking at a stakeholder meeting with industries in Tema, Managing Director of the company, Ing. Dr. Clifford Braimah said GWCL has discussed it with the Danish embassy.

“We have also discussed with our sector minister and written to her. We are waiting for the Finance ministry to write to DANIDA with its Danish Sustainable Infrastructural Fund.  They have good rate and government will be very happy with to have it”

Ing. Dr. Braimah considers water supply as critical part of the country’s industrialization drive.

Although second phase of the Kpong water expansion project hangs in the balance, he sees the need to go ahead with the new one.

“These two projects have different funding agencies. The Kpong project is an EXIM facility with state to state involvement. Ghana and China have to know how dire we are in need of water”

For the short term measure, Ghana Water Company Limited is also considering rearranging its supply to help industries get enough water for production.

According to him, since there is period of sleep for domestic consumers, it should be possible for Ghana Water Company to feed industries with more water during those sleep hours.

Ing. Dr. Braimah encouraged these commercials users to have storage facilities as these arrangements among other steps are being taken to serve them.

The stakeholder engagement allowed industries to express their dismay and commendation about services of Ghana Water Company in a very a frank manner.

From food and beverages to power production, adequate supply of quality water was a major concern.

Finance Manager at Olam Ghana, Abraham Oppong was unhappy with periodic and frequent shortage of water experienced at the Kpone enclave.

“With this challenge, you have to rely on tankers which charge exorbitant rate. In April this year, we spent over GH¢ 60,000 on water from tankers which is more than twice monthly payment we make to GWCL”

For him, Ghana Water Company ought to improve in the area of communication and customer service as well.

Both Pioneer Food and Cosmos Seafoods complained of occasional sand particles in water supplied to them which tend to compromise quality of their products.

For GWCL Comapny, the meeting which is first of many to come has brought feedback needed to ameliorate its operations.  

In the area of efficiency, Ghana Water Company is preparing to install new ultrasonic metres which could be read remotely.  

It will also get ISO certification to help clear doubts about quality of water it produces.

Tema Oil Refinery, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Sunon Asogli Power, Olam, Southern Water, Pioneer Food Cannery and many others were present.

Other officials of GWCL from the headquarters and Tema region were also in attendance to respond to issues. 

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