Koku Anyidoho

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Atta-Mills Institute, Samuel Koku Anyindoho has expressed worry about the rate at which the Rule of Law is being flouted in Ghana, a country that prides itself as practicing democracy.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Tuesday, May 18, the former Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress indicated that the laws governing the country are either being flouted or undermined.

This, according him, is gradually shifting the country into the realms of autocracy and chaos.

“We have decided as a nation to practice democracy but are we conspiring to bury the laws and allow some other things to function? I think that gradually we are walking into that realm of anarchy and tyranny and it is dangerous.

“This is because if we cannot cage the democracy, cage expectations, cage over-excitement and deal with issues as they ought to be dealt with, then we are moving into those realms and when you do that and there is lawlessness then we are doomed,” he told hosts Winston Amoah and Kojo Yankson.

Mr Anyidoho’s comment comes after National Security operatives were reported to have attacked Citi FM’s journalist Caleb Kudah and the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator DCOP Opare Addo.

Already, numerous concerns have been raised about the lawlessness of the modus operandi and the effects of operations of the National Security operatives on Ghanaians.

The CEO of the Atta-Mills Institute further indicated that the chaos being experienced in the country is fuelled by social media.

According to him, the Cyber Security laws need to be implemented so the looming threat could be nipped in the bud before it spirals out of control.

He also advised that “We must ensure that we do not allow our democracy to veer into the arena of tyranny. And the arena could even be from the politicians, National Security, the media whatever. It must be dealt with.”