Give judgment without favour – CJ

The Chief Justice, Mrs. Georgina Theodora Wood on Friday called on judges in the country to endeavor to give judgment without fear or favour as that would not only enhance the justice system, but would be prudent in the sight of God.

She also called on judges not to allow themselves to be induced in any way by anyone in the course of their duty.

Mrs. Georgina Wood said this during a forum on leadership organized by the Africa Bible Leadership Initiative (ABLI) in Accra for Christian leaders from all over Africa.

The ABLI is a United Bible Societies-support project that focuses on promoting the use of the Bible as a tool for leadership transformation in Africa.

It was initiated and sponsored by the British and Foreign Societies and the American Bible Society.

The ABLI, which was established in 2009, is made up of pastors, reverend ministers, priests and Christian leaders from the African continent.

The vision for the ABLI project is to empower African leaders by discussing the Bible’s emphasis on integrity, compassion and justices in leadership, with the belief that it would lead to positive transformed nations.

The three-day programme is being organized in Ghana in collaboration with the Bible Society of Ghana.

Mrs. Georgina Wood entreated judges to be God fearing as that was the only way they could do their work well and give good judgments.

She called on Christians to endeavor to have quality time with God by studying his word and also read the scriptures.

She expressed her appreciation to all who had supported her with prayers and good counseling since she became the Chief Justice.

“Since I became the Chief Justice, I have never received hate message from anyone but support, prayers and motivating messages," she said.

Professor Jerry Gana, former Cabinet Minister of Nigeria, called on Christians in leadership positions, especially those in politics to always take a stand for God and His tenets as that was the surest way to be successful.

He called on Christians never to compromise or make friends with people who would give them negative counsel.

Mr. Ebo Barton-Oduro, first Deputy Speaker of Parliament, called on Christians in politics to never allow themselves to be lured into evil to compromise their faith.