The CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation, Wisdom Dordoe, has won the International Philanthropist Award.
The award honours heroes serving as advocates, activists and role models in ways that are ultimately transforming communities and bringing about positive change in the world.

Mr Dordoe is one of those committed to ensuring children from less privileged backgrounds get access to good education and mentoring.

Through his NGO, he is also working to empower parents to elevate their socio-economic status. 

“His accomplishments to the changing lives have been recognised by our board and these awards have only come to appreciate him and his team on to do even more,” Founder of the Award, Dr Peter Kayode Falarungbon said.

Speaking after receiving the award, Mr Dordoe said the Foundation is committed to making the dreams children and vulnerable persons living in remote and desolate communities a reality through the prolonged approach on education, empowerment, health and Mentorship.”

The initiative uses formal, informal and apprenticeship education as a tool for transformation and promoting literacy among the economically disadvantaged through SGDs. 

Wisdom Dordoe, CEO of Give Me Hope Foundation

“It is a tremendous honour to receive such an Award and to be recognised amongst the very best of the humanitarian sector is an incredible moment for me,” Mr Dordoe said.

He added, “Throughout the six years of this Foundation I have had the honour of working alongside people and teams who strive to make a difference in the lives of the less privileged which is what we stand for.

“I would like to dedicate this award to all my members, our donors, partners, mentors, NGOs in the same field and those who support and share our vision of making the world a better one for all humans,” he added. 

Others people who were also recognised by the Philanthropist Award are Bode Oseni, Managing Director of Regency Nem Insurance Ghana; Stacy Amoateng, TV Producer – Restoration with Stacy; Archbishop Patrick Modri Shole Shole.,President South Africa Council of Independent Church.

There were also Rev.Dr Collen Amuaben, Founder of the Precious seed Chapel Tema; Charlotte Baidoo, Managing Director, Women World Banking Accra; Nat Kwabena Adisi (Bola Ray), CEO EIB Network; Bishop Emmanuel Moyana from Zimbabwe and Dr Joseph Welbeck.