The Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC) has asked the Ministry of Education to enforce its regulations on textbook publishing and marketing  and punish those who flout them. 

It also suggested that the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) be given the power to withdraw and destroy unapproved textbooks and materials not in conformity with its standards from the market as a deterrent to any unfortunate development in Ghana’s educational system.  

In a statement it copied to the Ghana News Agency, signed for its Executive Council Chairman, Mr Joseph Atsu Homadzi, following the identification of some narratives in a text book said to be derogatory against an ethnic group.  

The GNECC commended the NaCCA for asking the “New Golden Publications,” the publisher of the unapproved text books to withdraw them from the market with immediate effect.  

“These books obviously do not conform to the requirements of the Standards Based Curriculum hence has the potential to expose the future leaders of these great country to receiving education that lacks the requisite quality,” it said. 

The statement also advised parents and schools (private and public} to ensure they conducted proper checks by visiting the NaCCA website for the list of approved books available to ensure conformity to standards.