The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey has revealed that government will soon establish a City Response Team to assist the security agencies to enforce bylaws in various Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies in the region.

In an interview with JoyNews on Thursday, Mr Quartey stated that the move is to ensure that the ‘Let’s Make Accra Work’ campaign is not only actualised but also sustained.

According to him, the use of police officers to enforce by-laws currently is a “short-term measure”, thus, the government has devised a long-term plan that will maintain discipline in the capital.

“We will be training people we call the City Response Team so that they will augment the work of the Police.

“As you see at Madina’s Zongo Junction, you cannot keep the police there forever, they will have to go and do other things like protecting lives and property which is their mandate anyways. So the City Response Team will help with the management of the traffic and other issues that we think will help in the implementation of the Let’s Make Accra Work Agenda,” he told Kojo Yankson.

The Regional Minister subsequently allayed fears of notorious people being recruited into the team to harass residents.

Stressing that the selection process will be a rigorous one, Mr Quartey said there will be background checks on applicants and they will be profiled as well.

“We will psyche them to understand that this is a work for the country and not work to harass people or to enrich themselves.

“That this is the kind of mentality we want to put in them so that the discipline will be high before they are deployed to strategic places to help make sure that we are able to manage our traffic congestion and other issues that we deem and see as challenges in Greater Accra Region,” he stated.

After his appointment as Minister for the region, Mr Quartey launched a campaign dubbed: ‘Let’s make Accra work’.

The non-partisan agenda focused on ensuring the socio-economic development of the region.

Among other initiatives, the Regional Minister seeks to decongest the capital and make it clean and also improve the drainage system