Task Force from the Ghana Revenue Authority Thursday visited some retail shops in Accra to measure the level of compliance with the Tax Stamp Policy on the first day of implementation.

Retailers, Suppliers and businesses have been given a grace period to apply to the Ghana Revenue Authority to get goods affected by the Excise Tax Stamp Policy affixed with the certified stamp.

This was after the government decided to grant businesses some waivers on the full implementation of the policy.

In an exclusive interview with JoyBusiness, Assistant Leader of the Task Force, Kwabena Donkor, said they will give an ultimatum of about three months for the suppliers and retailers to get the goods affixed or face the penalty of withdrawing the products from the market and paying 300 percent of the total tax due or an imprisonment of about 5years.

“Specifically a three month grace period for retailers and shop owners to ensure that all affected products such as tobacco, carbonated drinks, water and among others have the stamps,” he said.

According to him, the sanctions will apply after the Customs Division intercepts any products without the affixed stamp.

The team on the tour also identified that some shop owners were not aware of the policy even though they expressed their willingness to comply.

At the Airport Shell, E.M Commodore Mensah retail manager for Airport Shell Mart appealed to the officials to treat businesses politely for easy compliance. 

Managers of the Osu Koala retail centre expressed their willingness to comply with the law.

Some shop owners pleaded with the officials for some time in order to fix the stamps.