Headmaster of Ada Senior High School (Adasco), Kojo Ayibor has appealed to the government to provide accommodation for staff of the school to enhance effective supervision of students on campus.

The Headmaster was speaking at the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the school.

The Headmaster expressed worry that presently three house masters are being housed in the boys’ dormitory cubicle and sharing the same toilet facility with students which inconveniences the teachers.

He added that the remaining teachers are living outside the school premises which makes it difficult for proper supervision and controlling of the students.

The girls’ dormitory, he said, is also faced with some serious sewage systems challenges which need the assistant of stakeholders to fix as soon as possible.

The school, established in 1961 with 17 students has come a long way with a population of 2348.

The headmaster, however, expressed gratitude to old students of the school for their continuous support towards the development of the school.

Currently, the old students are walling the school which vast land has been encroached.

The President of the Old Students Association, Gideon Carlos Akweh speaking in an interview with journalists pledged the association’s support to the infrastructure needs of their Alma mater.

He also called on the government to support the school with its critical infrastructure needs.

“At 60, the school doesn’t have an assembly hall and teachers bungalow and these are critical infrastructure needs. We are pleading with the government and other stakeholders to come to our aid,” he pleaded.

The District Chief Executive for the Ada East District, Sarah Pobi touting the government’s commitment to education said she would do her best to ensure the school receives the support needed.

She called on parents to invest in their ward’s education for a brighter future.

On her part, the Guest Speaker for the occasion, Madam Joyce Aryee noted that most organizations complain that students do not articulate well when they go for interviews. She, therefore, advised teachers to work on ensuring high and effective literacy learning to curb this perception.

She observed that the fee-free second-cycle education in Ghana is aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Four, which is targeted at providing equitable primary education needed to promote sustainable development and lifestyle.

She, therefore, encouraged Ghanaians and all stakeholders to offer constructive criticisms and suggestions that will make the policy better, going forward.

Dr Joyce Aryee added that the need for constructive criticisms and suggestions is necessary to complement the government’s efforts in providing quality education which requires a substantial investment.

“Sub-Sahara is extremely lagging in education on the globe due to high illiteracy. But for us in Ghana, we have a free senior high school education policy which is benefitting everybody. We need to sustain it with proactive and regular stakeholders’ engagement to make the policy fit for its purpose.”

The 60th Anniversary celebration was used to honor some persons who have contributed to the development of the school including current students who have excelled academically.

The old students also used the occasion to hand over a refurbished basketball court to the school.

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