The Greater Accra Region health officials say they’re struggling to keep their patients alive due to the unavailability of blood.

The Health Promotion Division of the Ghana Health Service says about half of the women who died during childbirth last year could have been saved if there was sufficient blood to treat them.

Regional Health Promotion Manager, Eunice Dzagli told JoyNews in an interview that their staff have on numerous occasions watched on as accident victims, pregnant women and other patients who could have been saved died.

“In the past year which is 2020, 50% of the women who died due to child birth could have been saved if we had enough blood in the bank.

“Patients with life threatening conditions like cancer, diabetes and so on could have been saved from these early deaths if we had sufficient blood. And with the current rate of accidents, we have many accident victims who are admitted and need blood urgently but the absence of blood has made us lose these persons,” she said.

The health promotion unit in Greater Accra is therefore, rallying Ghanaians to voluntarily donate blood during the mother’s day event at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital to help save lives.