HIV infection picking up, activists warn

HIV infection rate is gradually picking up in Ghana, a situation that threatens to undo gains made in fighting the viral disease over the years.

Civil Society groups say inadequate and unreliable funding from government and reduced donor support are among the main causes of the rising infection rate figures.

Vice President for Ghana HIV/AIDS Network, Edem Kawuba Heini, says NGOs who were at the forefront of fighting the disease are folding up because “they have used their own resources to do a lot of programmes.”

In 2000 3.4% of the population were said to be infected with the viral disease, however, following a massive campaign, the figure came down to 1.4% in 2014.

But currently, 2.4% of the population are said to be infected with disease raising fears the country is gradually losing the fight.

"Complacency is also contributing to the rise [in infection]," said the HIV/AIDS Network Vice President.

CSO Advisor for USAID People for Health (P4H) Project, Mukaila Adamu, wants the government to increase funding for the fight against the disease and also pay outstanding arrears.

Currently, 0.5% of the district assembly common fund is used to support HIV/AIDS programmes, a figure that has been widely criticised as too low to make any impact.


The two anti-HIV/AIDS activists made the comments on current affairs TV programme, PM Express, on the Joy News channel Tuesday.

Watch the entire show in the video below.