Tertiary institutions are often expected to reflect the purpose for which they were established, at least in their appearance.

But that is not the case for the Ho school of hygiene. The school which aims at training students in environmental science cannot even boast of an impressive studying environment.

Students and lecturers are therefore appealing to government to help renovate the school.

The Ho School of Hygiene which was established in June 1975 to train students in environmental science. But upon a cursory look at the school, there is nothing scientific about it.

What best describes the school is its rusty old signboard, the dismantled gate, the broken down school bus and a classroom block which crams 184 students together for lessons.

Away from the campus, is the school’s hostel located at Sokode near Ho. It serves as residence for both male and female students.

The rooms are seriously congested. The kitchen is in a bad state, and the only toilet facility which serves the about 132 residents of the hostel is to say the least, unhygienic.

But that is just a fraction of the woes faced by occupants at the hostel. Their major worry now is the threat of eviction for non-payment of rent for several years.

The SRC President Simon Akormedi, bemoaned the lack of job prospects for the students after school adding that their allowances are also nothing to write home about.

Principal of the School, Edward Kofi Fudzi appealed to government for help.
The students of this institution are expected to train and educate the public on issues related to hygiene to prevent diseases such as cholera and diarrhea, but the question is, what kind of environmental health workers would they be considering the appalling conditions under which they are being trained?

One can only hope their appeal for help receives favorable attention


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