Huawei rewards top 10 excellent students in 5G

Randel Daketse, Overall Best Student, Huawei 5G Certification Course

Huawei Technologies Ghana has rewarded the top 10 excellent students whose performance were outstanding in December’s Huawei 5G certification course.

This was held in Ghana for over 300 university students across top universities in the country.

The 10 students who emerged successful in the HCIA-5G certification exams were rewarded with a sleek Huawei Y series smartphone (Huawei Y9 Prime 2019).

This was to motivate them and other university students to work harder and embrace the learning of ICT as well as perform better in subsequent Huawei ICT Academy courses they enrol in.

Speaking on the awards, the overall top scorer for the course, Randel Daketse, a Huawei student ambassador thanked the company’s relentless effort in ensuring that students in ICT advance their skills by offering them training in advanced technologies like 5G.

“Although normal educational activities has been put on hold in the country, getting the opportunity to advance our skills and knowledge in courses like 5G is a great experience to cherish.

“I would say that signing up to take this course has opened us up to what the future holds in the ICT ecosystem and as such we are willing to learn more, to enable us to acquire relevant skills and knowledge to equip us for the job market,” the level 300 Computer science student of the University of Ghana said.

The Deputy Managing Director for Huawei Ghana, Kweku Essuman Quansah, reiterating the relevance of the course said, “As with most new technologies, there is a lot of excitement about the 5G wireless capabilities.

“This short course is therefore intended to equip Universities Students and assist them in understanding the basics of 5G technology, from the perspective of technology, standards, regulation, policy, economy, society and environment.”

Mr Quansah added that, as a company with over 30 years’ experience in the ICT ecosystem and the global leader in 5G, Huawei believes that giving the students the opportunity to learn, appreciate and embrace the 5th Generation Telecommunications Technology is one their key goals of giving back to society through knowledge transfer.

He congratulated all the 10 students for their performance and encouraged other students offering ICT related courses to take advantage of the many opportunities being offered by the Huawei ICT Academy and the ICT Talent Ecosystem, to enhance their skills and advance their knowledge in the ICTs as the tech industry remains one of the most dynamic and fastest growing sectors globally..

The top scorers for the 5G certification course are Randel Daketse, Joshua Eyram Wordey, Ibrahim Anyars, Seth Owusu Ansah, Kobina Ackon Annan, Sylvester Dotse, Jeremiah Dela Amlanu, Jones Appiah, Sam Mensah and Osei Bonsu.

The course which was held virtually trained students from top universities like Ghana Communications Technology University College, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, UG, IPMC and NIIT.

The HCIA-5G certification course covered two key topics: 5G Technology Trends, 5G Use Cases and Business Models to adequately train engineers and IT Professionals who are capable of applying 5G technology for business transformation, business marketing and industry solution design.