Veteran Actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio, has revealed he did not know how to drive when he was selected for the role of T.T in the popular television series, Taxi Driver.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show, Friday, he explained that he learnt how to drive by observing other drivers anytime he joined a commercial vehicle.

“The men who sold the car to the producers one day also took me around some parts of Accra and showed me how to drive,” the veteran actor stated.

Psalm Adjeteyfio may have not known how to drive but he was not deterred by that fact to give up the role.

The actor till date is celebrated for his phenomenal role in the TV series.

“When Emmanuel Apea told me about the role, I was willing to give driving a try. We went on set and they will say ‘T.T drive from here to that spot when you hear cut, stop and come back’. I will stay put when they say ‘action’ and drive [as well as stop] when they say ‘cut’,” he told Daniel Dadzie host of the show.

Psalm Adjeteyfio stated those scenes helped him learn how to drive and within a short period, he was driving all over Accra.

He revealed many people have assumed he was really a taxi driver who was stationed at Accra New Town.

“I am surprised at how people can come up with stuff like that. I have never been a taxi driver before,” he stated.