Dr Justice Yankson is General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA)

The General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association has said that he does not endorse the use of herbal medicine and concoctions to treat coronavirus.

Dr Justice Yankson told Emefa Apawu on Joy News’ ‘The Lockdown’ show on Sunday that he “will not endorse anything of that nature.

“The virus is a worldwide problem, a global pandemic and we are all trying our best to deal with it.”

He explained that since the world is doing its best to save lives from coronavirus, it is better that people follow prescribed protocols instituted by global medical professionals rather than adopt the use of herbal treatments to fight coronavirus.

“We should follow standardised activities and when I say standardised activities, I mean the rightly prescribed drugs for the management of Covid-19.”

Dr Yankson stressed that herbal medicine can only be used if it is certified and if not, the herbal option must go through due process to be approved, otherwise if used, it can pose a threat to human health.

“If somebody claims that we have some medication. It has to go through the standard protocols for it to be certified as a drug that you can be used for such,” he said.

“You might end up doing that and complicate your problem because the Covid-19 itself will not be killed in terms of the virus being dealt with and then these several concoctions you are taking may also give you other problems by way of drug safety and its related issues,” he added.

Dr Yankson strongly advised against the use of herbal medicine to fight coronavirus if it has not been certified.

The country’s Covid-19 case count is currently at 566 with eight deaths and four recoveries, the Ghana Health Service has said.