Asante Kotoko coach, Mariano Barreto says it will be an insult for him to stay on at the club if current conditions do not change.

The Portuguese is not happy with a number of issues relating to his working environment and that of his supporting staff. 

His concerns include a lack of gym and dressing room for his players and a lack of office space for himself.

Barreto, who took over the team after the sack of Maxwell Konadu, was a guest on Nhyira FM Power Sports on Thursday.

The former Ghana U-23 national team coach bemoaned the poor conditions under which he has been working and says he will quit if the management fails to address his concerns.

“If Kotoko wants to be consistent and be a leader in Ghana football, they should solve this problem, which is why I talk about these things. I’ll not be available to continue working in the same way we finished the season. This is not possible. I’ll be insulting myself if I continue working without dressing rooms, without a physiotherapy room and without an office. It is the minimum that a professional coach should work with.

“I need to have a video room, I need to have a gym, I need to have an office and I need to have a place where I can take my players and say look this is where you made mistakes in the match,” the Portuguese emphasised.

According to the outspoken Barreto, he has no business staying around if the concerns raised are not addressed by the club.

“If these things are not solved, what am I doing here?” he quizzed. “I am a professional coach, I’ve not come here looking for a job, I don’t need it. I’m very proud to be here to help but to help means I need to contribute to the development of the team. If the club feels that these are not important then why am I here?”.

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