An independent presidential aspirant, Samuel Ofori Ampofo, has launched his campaign document towards Ghana’s election 2020, titled “Moving Ghana Away from Economic Slavery ‘A Gift for the People of Ghana’”, in Accra.

The document promises fundamental changes in the economy, job creation and dealing with corruption.

“My name is Samuel Ofori Ampofo. I am a native of Asuom in the Eastern Region and Kubease in the Ashanti Region. I have a gift for the People of Ghana,” the aspirant, who said he was a retired Engineer, and now a businessman and farmer, said.

Promising politics of change to bring national economic transformation, Mr Ampofo said: “God the creator endows all of us differently. I have the visionary and revolutionary endowment and capacity to transform the hopelessness in Ghana from our own resources.

“Our forefathers survived before we became westernized and we can survive if we manage our resources well and are honest with our people. I know of all the negatives and loopholes within our economic system and set up, that discredit our financial administration leaving most of our people poor and behind.

“It is my intention and duty to boldly plug all these loopholes as urgent as may be required for our economic survival.

“Ghana at this point of our history needs dedicated and selfless individuals who would sacrifice to work under a merit oriented administrative condition. Conditions that would help us never again to go under harsh economic dictates of the IMF and the WORLD BANK.’

The independent presidential candidate said he co-founded the Ghana National Party (GNP) in 2008, as a potential alternative to the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Having being nominated by popular acclamation at the party’s congress had travelled throughout the country, and he described himself as not being a novice in Ghanaian politics.

He is now part of a team of other independent candidates, who have formed a coalition of independent presidential aspirants who are discussing possibilities of merging to support a single candidate “to give Ghanaians the best hope to defeat the NDC and NPP Presidential candidates.”

He paid tribute to Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana “who transformed Ghana within nine years” under a vision of industrial based economy.

Mr Ampofo underscored dedication, selflessness and sacrifice by political leaders to ensure that Ghana would never again go to the IMF and the World Bank under harsh economic dictates.

“Those who cannot and do not want to sacrifice for Ghana will have no business in my government,” he declared.

If voted to the presidency in December 2020, Mr Ampofo promised to “prove to the youth of Ghana that there is still hope for them, and that life is not all about wealth, but good name and service to God and humanity.

He called on all Ghanaians to “have an unwavering change of mind towards those who have run the country down.”

“If the NDC/NPP have not made any impact in your lives in 28 years, what will you lose voting against their presidential candidates for change in the 2020 elections? “ Mr Ampofo asked.