Oppong Nkrumah visits Citi FM following an alleged assault on Caleb Kudah by National Security Operatives

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has called on the National Security to conduct a thorough investigation into the alleged assault on Citi FM journalist Caleb Kudah.

Speaking during a visit to the station Friday, he stated that the alleged behavior of the officials does not reflect how the staff of a security agency should treat anybody, let alone a journalist.

He said the inquiry the National Security Ministry is embarking on should not be a perfunctory one, which never ends.

The Ofoase Ayeribi MP said the Ministry should ensure that the perpetrators are accountable.

“If that person is under investigation, assisting an investigation or being suspected as having done something untoward like in this case the suspicion of going contrary to the rules there, it still will not warrant that particular conduct as reported.”

“We should get to the bottom of it and find out if indeed these allegations are true and the persons who are responsible for it be held to account no ifs no but,” he said.

Mr Oppong Nkrumah stated on several occasions that the security agencies have embarked on investigations the results are never seen. However, he said, it should not be the case this time around.

Last Tuesday, National Security operatives detained Mr Kudah for allegedly filming state vehicles on the premises of the National Security Ministry. He was later released after questioning.

However, the Citi FM reporter on Wednesday revealed that he was slapped multiple times during his interrogation despite pleading to be released after he admitted to filming at the National Security premises in Accra.

He further pointed out that, although he was handcuffed, the assault against him grew intense, with him feeling dizzy at a point in time.

Following his account, the National Security Ministry stated that it had initiated investigations into the alleged assault.

In a statement signed by the Chief Director of the Ministry, Lt. Col. Ababio Serebour (RTD.), the Ministry said, “it takes with all seriousness the allegations of manhandling of the two journalists during the interrogations.”

Mr Oppong Nkrumah also revealed that he has tasked the National Media Commission (NMC), the constitutionally mandated body to among other things preserve the sanctity of Media practice in the country, to take an interest in the case.

“They need to do their enquiries and put forward the necessary recommendations that need to be put out.”

The Information Minister said his outfit is working to strengthen the NMC to deal with some media practice matters independently. 

Meanwhile, pressure group, Occupy Ghana, has called on government to establish an independent body of inquiry to investigate the matter.

Explaining their reason for an independent investigation, the group said, “we have no faith that the National Security Ministry can provide a satisfactory investigation into the damning allegations. Therefore, we would like to advise the government to set up an independent body of inquiry into the matter.”

According to the Group, it is concerned that police brutality against journalists and the wider public is on the increase and being perpetrated with impunity.