Christmas is usually the season and time that many Ghanaians attend various themed activities as part of celebrations.

However, given the recent unfortunate incidences at some events, Managing Director of Hollard Insurance, Daniel Boi Addo, has advised event organisers to sign up for event liability insurance to cover the event and patrons against any unfortunate occurrence.

One unfortunate event that readily comes to mind is the screens that were broken at the Ashiaman to the World concert organised by dance hall artist Stone Buoy.  Though sometimes confusing, event insurance is a necessary safeguard for planners looking to keep themselves-and their clients-out of court and paying huge compensation even after events.

Event insurance, according to the insurers, provides general liability for specific events by giving the planners some breathing space because they can purchase additional coverage that protects them from such things as liquor liability and event cancellation.

In this case when you take the General Liability insurance its protects a company and all parties involved in the event-the planner, venue, caterers, etc., for losses due to bodily injury or property damage caused by the insured’s employees or agents.

But the question remains why the Ghanaian entertainment industry or event planners including weddings and Parties don’t take insurance?

In an interview with Joy Business, Mr Addo said the Ghanaian entertainment industry is maturing to meet international standards so organisers must go beyond beautiful setups to thinking holistically about the event experience.

He asked organisers to ensure they have recourse to the appropriate insurance policy to indemnify them, in the event an incident leads to bodily injury or death of any third party or the destruction of event venues.

Mr. Addo said “we can’t make excuses anymore; organisers must be responsible and sign up for event liability insurance because it’s for a good purpose. This is the global standard and we must catch up. We cannot wait until something serious happens before we act.  Should anything happen, and lawsuits are brought against them by event-goers or even venue-owners they can rely on the policy.”

He further advised that event liability policies will also protect their investment in the event of cancellations and postponement, especially when they have heavily invested in the event.

“Hollard Insurance has the expertise and is ready to customise policies with affordable premiums to suit each event and organiser.” Mr Addo added. 

On their part, event organisers have welcomed the advice.