The International Travel and Tourism Institute (ITTI) is celebrating its 10th anniversary in aviation, hospitality, tourism and customer service with several activities.

The event is set on Friday, 28th July, 2017, at the institute’s head office at the George Bush N1 Highway, Accra. The open day will include photography sessions with clients and staff, time with alumni, consultants, past and present students and career advice.

The institute has over the past 10 years greatly impacted travel and tourism with award winning courses which has produced of some of the best and finest industry professionals in the airline and hotel industries and general client services – just to mention a few.

Focusing on equipping the students who pass through ITTI with the best of customer service tools and skills training, the institute has become a ‘Centre of Innovation’ for the promotion of quality customer service in any customer-service-oriented organisation.


Kate Adoma Addo, Executive Director of ITTI, explained that for the past decade, the institute has trained students to become champions of customer service in aviation and hospitality Industry among other service industries in Ghana and beyond.

“Students are trained to understand that their level of success is determined by their level of perseverance and discipline in their course modules. Our students are trained to achieve excellence in service delivery through practical case studies from around the world,” she said. 

Even during training within the institution’s establishment, students are treated as customers or clients so that they also can emulate that wherever they find themselves and thus extend it to their real world customers, whether in the airline, aviation, tourism or related sectors, she added.

For the past 10 years, Ms. Kate, noted that she is proud of the institute’s achievements in churning out some of the best students.

“I remember when every session starts; most students are either shy or reserved. But at the end of the session, they come out best, showing eloquence and confidence. This is one achievement we are proud of.

Our students take on major roles in the airline, hospitality and tourism industries; and this is a demonstration that ITTI is for those who aspire to strengthen their skills and collaborative capabilities to become the best,” she said.

She added that the institute has one of the best teams any institution could have. “We have a very committed and professional team of tutors, consultants, facilitators, both foreign and local, who come in with their expertise.”

Ms. Kate believes that the Almighty God has played a crucial role in bringing the Institute this far. “God has been good to us and with the support of players in the travel and hospitality industry, and my team, we believe the sky is just a stepping stone,” she added.