The International University Services (IUS) a subsidiary of the Caroline Group has sealed a partnership deal with St. George’s University School of Medicine.

The partnership will allow Ghanaian students to pursue four to seven years Doctor of Medicine (MD) programs in Grenada with an easy visa process; one that allows visa on arrival. 

The partnership deal clenched under the leadership of the 28-year-old Educationist Caroline Esinam Adzogble mostly noted as the face of education in Africa.

This makes IUS the foremost international education advising organisation with support strategies for students, international schools as well as other educational stakeholders; hence drawing partnerships from world-class institutions across the globe.

Reacting to the partnership, Esinam Adzogble said, “the American residency permit students receive at the end of their program is the biggest takeaway for me.

“I am looking forward to diving into this opportunity with various families, other education consultants, high schools, universities, The Ministry of Education and Scholarship boards in Ghana to see how best we can push this forward for Ghanaian students.”

“Obviously I work with so many great brands across the globe with each partner bringing something unique to the table but this partnership is very personal to me considering you all know how I had to give up on my medical doctor dreams which worked out very well in the end because now I am in the position to open these many great doors for students across 146 countries”.

The St. George’s University (SGU) located in the Caribbean’s, Grenada is the largest international provider of new doctors in the USA for the last 11 years combined.

Its graduates have practised in all 20 Top Hospitals in the USA, according to US News & World Report 2018-2019.

The University has been providing the world with highly trained doctors for more than 40 years and has an extensive international network of over 18,000 MD alumni of which 25 have Ghana citizenship. 

SGU graduates have been licensed in all 50 US states and Canada and have practiced in more than 50 countries of the world and has 18 Ghana citizens who have secured post graduate positions in the US.

SGU has a large network of over 70 affiliated hospitals and health centres in the USA and in the UK, and, therefore, all eligible students complete their clinical rotations in these two countries.