The Board Chairman of the Internal Audit Agency has stated that news about issuance of fake tax clearance certificates at the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) comes to him as no surprise.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Monday, Joe Winful acknowledged that such unlawful acts are recurrent at the Authority.

“I said I wasn’t surprised because the issue of permits, the issue of licenses, the issue of any of these authorised documents, has its own weaknesses. And the weaknesses are the inactions of the control mechanisms that have got to be put in place”.

His comments come at the back of a recent investigation undertaken by JoyNews‘ journalist, Kwetey Nartey, which uncovered how some staff of the Ghana Revenue Authority aid businesses bidding for contracts to circumvent laid down procedures in the acquisition of tax clearance certificates.

Reacting to the investigative piece, Mr Winful expressed concern over the huge sums of money meant for the public purse which end up in the pockets of individuals at the authority.

He expressed disappointment about the failure of officials to comply with the internal controls.

“There must be laid down processes and procedures. And within these procedures, we’re going to have what we call the checks and balances, or the controls that should come into play.

He further advised the GRA to investigate such malpractices and take corrective actions by sanctioning officials who are caught in the web.

“The absence of the punitive measures that are supposed to take place is what encourages others or the continuation of such practices, This is a human institution. You’re going to have some bad nuts. That means you’ve got to be also strict with your supervision, and attitude to your responsibilities,” Mr Winful said.

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