ITES holds BPO stakeholders workshop in Accra

The Information Technology Enabled Services Secretariat (ITES) under the Ministry of Communications has held a workshop for stakeholders on the Policy of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Accra.
The workshop is part of strategies to stimulate and grow techno-entrepreneurship in Ghana as well as attract and retain ITES-BPO companies through the Ministry of Communication.
The workshop was to discuss a report develop by the consortium of the Commonwealth Telecommunication Organisation (CTO) and the BPO Certification Institute (BCI).
The report is the third and final report for a project that calls on the CTO-BCI team to assist the Ministry of Communication ITES with the development of a policy report in respect of Ghana’s Business Process Outsourcing and ITES.
Mr Sanjeeva Shukla, Executive Vice President for Global Partner Management Group of BPO Certification Institute said the data provided by the document discusses the models and framework of policies required to strengthen and improve the BPO-ITES Industry in Ghana.
He said this includes an analysis of Ghana’s ability to compete globally as well as regionally in the ITES –BPO off-shoring sector and the primary constraints to improving Ghana’s competitiveness in the sector.
Mr Shukla said the recommendations calls for concrete actions for Ghana to increase its competitiveness and capability as an ITES-BPO destination, and the targeted activities and market segments in which it can be competitive in the short and medium term.
He said the report also recommended that investment promotion strategy for developing and attracting investment in Ghana’s ITES-BPO sector and the analysis presented in this report is based on information and findings as of April, and may not reflect the impact of subsequent changes and developments.