The flagbearer of the Ghana Freedom Party, Akua Donkor, says since the religious beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses do not allow them to exercise their franchise, they will not enjoy any benefit under her presidency.

Justifying her decision, Madam Donkor explained that because they have refused to exercise their civic duty, they don’t deserve to enjoy any freebies from the State.

Therefore, should she win the December 7 general election, her first action will be to expel all Jehovah’s Witnesses from the civil and public service and also prevent their children from enjoying free education.

Madam Donkor, who was speaking during the first Akan presidential debate in Accra Monday maintained that they cannot benefit from government and will not be allowed to work in the public sector.

The only opportunity available for Jehovah’s Witnesses in her government, she added, is for them to engage in private business.