Joy Entertainment is on a non-stop mission to bring you quality entertainment as the door to a fun-filled festive season has been unlocked.

The seasoned team at Joy 99.7 FM’s entertainment department has lined up a chain of thrills dubbed the ‘Back-to-Back’ music festival.

It happens on your favourite Friday evening radio show, Weekend Warmer, originally hosted by one of Africa’s finest, DJ Black, and seeks to have you locked on Joy 99.7 FM every Friday during this festive season.

Powered by Joy Entertainment, The ‘Back-to-Back’ music festival will entertain you with a streak of great music on three Fridays in the month of December, and crown it in grand style on the first Friday of January, 2022.

It kicks off with a Highlife Party on December 3, a night of authentic Ghanaian Highlife music, followed by the Old Skuul Bash on December 10, presenting you with a nostalgic groove from the 70s and 80s.

The third Friday in December, the 17th day, will take you down memory lane into the 2000s with the Y2K Rave. Reminiscing the era will serve as a springboard into the biggest surprise on the first Friday of 2022.

January 7, 2022 marks the fourth and final Friday of celebration on the Weekend Warmer’s Back to Back Music Festival calendar.

The experience is projected to be an unforgettable one from your Super Station, Joy 99.7 FM, with many of your favourite personalities making an appearance to have fun with you.

Host of Weekend Warmer, DJ Black revealed that “it’s not going to be just DJ Black, Lexis Bill and Sammy Forson, we’re going to have lots of DJs on rotation”.

He added, “we are the blueprint, don’t get it twisted, we have all your [festive] Fridays checked”.

All four parties will be broadcast live on Joy FM, and across all Joy Entertainment social media pages, from Ghana’s 5-star hotel Labadi Beach Hotel. Entry is free. 

Your safety is assured, as all Covid-19 protocols will be strictly observed.

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