An 84-year-old lady who was displaced by a storm that swept through his home community of Avetakpo in the Ho West District of the Volta Region has been adopted by a philanthropist. 

The early February incident compelled Paulina Doh to convert her kitchen into a multipurpose structure.

She wasn’t the only one affected, but her story was peculiar since she had no means of repairing her structure due to her impoverished lifestyle. 

Having heard of her story, Bernard Cosmas Gonzalves decided to adopt her to replace his late mother and promised to ensure there is a smile on her face until she joins her maker. 

He presented ¢1000 to Madam Paulina coupled with some assorted items and roofing sheets. 

Mr. Gonzalves also made available a phone to wire her monthly stipends throw and catered for the expenses in renovating the building.

“As part of our lent obligation, we are supposed to pray, fast and give alms, so when I heard of her story, I decided to do my charity over here.”

“I Lost my mother who would be buried this weekend, she was so dear to me. And I thought that though I lost my mum, there are so many mothers around, among whom I can adopt one.”

Paulina who was intrigued, appreciated the kind gesture and blessed Mr Gonzalves for his humanitarian deeds. 

“I had no hope of repairing my building when it was damaged by the storm. I was so worried.”

“I am happy this young man had decided to help me. May the Lord bless and replace all he will spend on me”, She said with a mile on her face.

The octogenarian also prayed for long for Mr. Gonzaleves and herself.

The entire community was grateful to Joy News Fred Quame Asare for highlighting the plight of Paulina.