Big Chef contestant, Regina Abila, emerged the best cook for the 5th week of the competition with the preparation of light soup.

With a combination of goat meat for flavour and dry fish for taste, Regina’s recipe could not go wrong.

Commenting on her ‘magical’ meal, the 13-year-old hinted she came prepared for the task and was excited everything went in her favour.

I made sure to simmer my food very well with local spices to make it delicious. I loved the judges’ reaction when they tasted my food and it proved I did not disappoint.

“I’m very excited because my meal was the judges’ favourite, I came prepared, believed in myself and I’ll definitely win this edition,” she said emphatically.

With excellent plating, hygiene and taste, the judges for the night, Chef Adepa and Rafiatu could not look any further than Regina’s direction.

Below are some photos from Week 5 of Joy Prime’s Chef Competition: