Joyce Blessing and her husband Dave

Joyce Blessing is alleging that her estranged husband and former manager Dave Joy is trying to sabotage her career by holding out credentials to her social media handles.

In an interview with Peacefmonline, the Gospel Singer explained that her husband, herself and one other person had access to her original accounts.

However, she claimed that the credentials have been changed essentially locking her out of what is hers.

To move on from the drama, the Adam Nana hitmaker says she created a new account, Unbreakablejb1 on Instagram, but is having challenges because of her estranged husband’s actions.

“”…before i post on the new account, Dave Joy has already posted similar content on my old account…thus when i eventually do post my own content, it is regarded as an infringement on copyright,” she stated.

Joyce Blessing said the sabotage is affecting her state of mind and in extension the welfare of her three kids whom she is solely taking care of.

“…all my previous works (songs) were done with no binding contract with Dave Joy but i was to work with him for a certain number of years….anyone interacting with me on my old social media pages are not actually dealing with me but with Dave Joy,” she told Peacefmonline.