A female participant in Joy FM’s relationship conversation has admonished unmarried women to prioritise vision -of a potential husband- over educational qualifications.

Maame Efua Sekyi-Addo pointed out that the happiness of a wife and her children, does not depend on the number of degrees her husband has. 

While she prefers her ideal man not to be stark illiterate, she points out that “I would not mind marrying someone less educated than me.”

Sekye-Addo believes that emotional security, happiness, respect and love are important ingredients required in marriage which educational qualifications cannot guarantee. 

The question for Sekyi-Addo and three others, who formed Friday’s Joy FM’s Super Morning Show relationship panel was, “would you marry someone who is less educated than you?”

Maria Ekene said no.

She held that society values education and so do women.  

Ekene held that when the woman is highly educated than her husband it affects their communication.

The difference in educational levels also affects the confidence of the man because he will be intimidated in the company of the wife while meeting her friends.

Dissenting, Maame Efua Sakyi-Addo said an educated woman does not need another educated man to feel complete.  

“The way I portray my man is how others will treat him. Not being educated does not mean you dress poorly. In any case, if I am educated, I should be able to teach him to do the right thing,” she told Daniel Dadzie, host of the SMS. 

Sekyi-Addo made the point that most women are not married because they are looking for men who are more educated than themselves. 

She says that is a problem because more women are getting educated than men lately.  

Using herself as an example she said: “So far as I can respect and believe in his opinion, I can marry him.”   

Less educated men, she argues, have technical skills which make them self-employed. That means the man can help with domestic work while the woman is in the office.