Junior Boys Mentoring Conference launched

Tod Teen Republic has launched its flagship project, Junior Boys Mentoring Conference aimed, among other things, to empower boys to crave a spiritual relationship with God.

Tod Teen Republic is a youth-focused non-governmental agency with a vision to empower and equip the younger generation with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them tackle challenges in life.

The event, which was attended by experienced father figures such as Dr. CJ Buckman, Rev. Albert Ocran and Mr Richard Luther King was held on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at the UDS Guest House in Accra. It was hosted by Jerry Adjorlolo.

CEO of Tod Teen Republic, Mrs. Ethel Marfo said boys grow into men and serve as an indispensable part of a healthy family, hence the need to prepare them for future.

She said healthy families create robust communities that serves as the foundation for the further advancement and improvement of the society. 

She said mentoring the youth, especially boys, has become a necessity and not a privilege to prepare them for the future.

“Society has come to a point where we have to raise the men we want our sons to become instead of the boys we want them to stay”, said Ethel Marfo.

On 7th November 2015, the premier Junior Boys Mentoring Conference would gather selected young boys from schools, orphanages and single parent homes to discuss challenges and issues boys encounter as they approach manhood.

Mentoring will be done by exemplified faith-based fathers themed as Super Dads who will offer fatherly advice.

The boys will also be exposed to practical life skills such as cooking, tailoring, gardening, home décor as well the presence of professional role models to inspire them.

Citations were presented to outstanding and dedicated fathers and their sons.

The climax of the night was the unveiling and decoration of our brand Ambassador, Okyeame Kwame an A-list Ghanaian musician who has impacted Ghana through his music and hepatitis B initiative and has led an exemplary life as musician with strong family values and great appeal to our youth was chosen by the Faculty of the Junior Boys Mentoring Conference as its first Ambassador for a one year period.

His duties would be mainly counselling the selected boys and provide mentoring for those with musical potential.

By the end of the conference Tod Teen hopes to:

1. Empower boys to crave a spiritual relationship with God.

2. Begin the process of transforming the future for the boys through a devoted 360 mentoring by the Super Dads.

3. Restore hope in the lives of three fatherless school drop outs who desire to continue their education annually. These boys would be selected and unveiled during the opening ceremony of the Junior Boys Mentoring.

4. Change male stereotyping by ensuring that Boys are encouraged to break traditional female fields such as cooking, laundry and other basic household chores to become well rounded men.

The Junior Boys Mentoring Conference is going to be an annual event and hopefully a boot camp from next year, the organisers say.

“We hope to constantly be in touch with our boys by forming Junior Boys Clubs in the basic schools where we would be meeting and coaching boys in their various schools, which has already started”, said a statement from Todd Teen.

“We also have plans to hold quarterly breakfast meetings for our boys in the various communities. Our ultimate dream is to have a Boys Resource Centre which would be equipped with a library, a cinema, a gym and a -cook yourself – restaurant where our young boys can have full access to mentorship and life coaching. Our boy children who live in our slums are not left out. Tod – Republic is working at forming strategic partnerships with some schools to assign a yearly quota to three 3 school drops who have no fathers. They would be selected from three different slums. We hope to achieve this through the support of everyone who shares in our vision” said Todd Teen.