The Kasapreko Company Limited producers of Storm energy drink has presented Energy Drink of the Year Award to the hardworking distributors of the product at a ceremony in Accra.

The product which was introduced into the market two years ago was adjudged the Best Energy Drink in Ghana at the 2018 Ghana Beverage Awards.

The Ghana Beverage Awards instituted last year, is aimed at honouring best performing indigenous and foreign beverage companies in Ghana for their contributions to the country’s economy.

Speaking to distributors at the ceremony, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, Group Chairman of Kasapreko Company Limited recounted the journey of the company he started almost three decades ago with just five employees.

“We have come from humble beginnings and I know for a fact that we would not be where we are now without the help, support and loyalty of our cherished distributors," he said.

He urged distributors to strive for business excellence and not relent on efforts to grow their businesses adding, “we gave continuously enjoyed a fruitful partnership with our distributors, this is something we can trace back to the very inception of the company.”

Richard Adjei, Managing Director of Kasapreko Company Limited, expressed gratitude to the distributors for their support since the inception of the company and partly attributed the dominance of Kasapreko Company Limited and its products to the support of their distributors.

“You have believed in us and our products and even though we can say our unique Route-to-Market strategy has helped us in achieving a high market penetration, we cannot lose sight of the fact that you, our distributors are an integral part of our market dominance,” he said.

The Director of Sales and Marketing for Awake Water and Carbonated Soft Drinks at Kasapreko Company Limited, Eunice Adjei Bonsu, reiterated the Company’s commitment to deepening its relationship with the distributors through constant engagements and swift resolution of issues.   

In June this year, STORM won the Marketing Campaign of the Year award at the Ghana Manufacturing Awards.

The award was in recognition of a successful implementation of a full 360° marketing campaign which effectively utilized traditional, outdoor and social media platform.

A key part of the 360° marketing campaign included the unveiling of Shatta Wale as a brand ambassador and the subsequent roll out of television and radio commercials featuring the dancehall artiste.

STORM has since its introduction on the market in 2016, become a household name and a fan-favourite among consumers in and outside Ghana because of its quality and taste.

With a tagline, ‘Work hard, Play hard’ the product seeks to energize Ghanaians to reach for the creativity inside them by working hard at achieving their goals.





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