National Secretary for Asante Kotoko Youth Association, Barimah Tweneboa Koduah, has revealed that the current management of Kumasi Asante Kotoko led by Opoku Nti has killed the spirit of the club.

The National Secretary is appalled by the club’s poor showing in the league so far and after surviving a scare against AK Shion, he was adamant the spirit of the club was being killed.

“Opoku Nti and his current management have killed the spirit of Kotoko because teams don’t fear Kotoko anymore,” he told Asempa Sports.

“I don’t hate him but the truth is he and his management cannot manage Kotoko. They are only forcing themselves to do it.”

“Nobody should blame Coach Duncan for how the club is performing but rather we should blame the current management of the club.”

He also revealed that, before the appointment of Coach Duncan, the various circles made an appeal to the management against appointing Coach Duncan because he did not have the Kotoko spirit.

“When we heard that the management wants to bring in Duncan, we the various National circles appealed to the management not to appoint him as the head coach of the club because the spirit of the club is not in him and he will not help the club as well”.

“Now the club is run by propaganda because some officials of the club have threatened the circles not to talk because if you talk and criticize the management you will not be allowed to go and watch Kotoko matches.

“I am telling the various circles not to keep quiet but rather tell the management what is right.”

“There is no doubt that Opoku Nti was a great player for this club, but as the leader of the management he has totally failed and I am therefore calling on him to resign peacefully from the club because it a big embarrassment for a club of Kotoko’s stature.”

Kotoko play Aduana Stars in week six of the Ghana Premier League.


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