Kwaw Kese

Rapper Kwaw Kese is jubilating after news of Ghana legalising marijuana for medicinal purposes broke.

The musician who said he will benefit from the legalisation has revealed that henceforth, he should be regarded as medically ill.

“I heard Tampi (local name for weed) has been legalised so from today I am going to declare sickness and the president has given me permission to smoke because of my health issues; at least that’s why I’ve been quarantined,” he said in an Instagram Live.

To him, the move is one thing the Akufo- Addo-led government has done to make him love the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

However, the elated Kwaw Kese said his wish is for cannabis to be decriminalised so he will not have to spend time behind bars as he did years ago.

“Ghana police from today on-wards bear in mind I’m sick and I’ve been given right to smoke as much as I can. If any of you stops and tries to extort me, I’ll poke your eyes,” he warned.