Latif Abubakar

Playwright Latif Abubakar’s Globe Productions, in partnership with Joy Entertainment and Graphic News App, is set to thrill audience to his latest play after a long break from the theatre due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Dubbed ‘Something must kill a man’, the play seeks to demonstrate how teamwork, good communication, and collaboration contribute significantly to attaining goals.

Unlike his previous stage plays which focused on pressing national issues, Mr Abubakar’s latest play, will take the approach of a training programme that would centre on the attainment of project and organisational goals.

According to the award-winning playwright, the play is a package that would enable employees to understand and appreciate the importance of teamwork in achieving the overall objectives of a project or an organization.

He explained that the play will adopt an innovative practical training approach that drives the audience (trainees) through team-building activities.

“This is a creative and unique training experience that will leave an unforgettable memory on the minds of the trainees. A research by Forbes confirms that team building is the most important investment you can make for your people and the most successful, memorable team-building events are the ones that don’t feel like a day at the office,” he added.

Being the pacesetter of live virtual play with a record of 3.5million views across various social media platforms, Mr Abubakar believes storytelling and theatre could be used to achieve project and organisational goals.

He revealed that the play, which would be staged in an open space, is a package that would include a training certificate from the New York Board of education, in the United States of America, lecture notes, cocktail and networking sessions.

The play which features Leslie, Abraham MacPratt and Shelter Sey, will be staged on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th September at the Labadi Beach Hotel with tickets going for ¢80 and ¢150 for participants that would want to be issued with certificates.

Globe Productions

As a theatre company focused on theatre for development, Globe Productions has to its credit 15 plays that have been performed 67 times across the country to an audience base of about 40,000.

The strategic vision of implementing the tri-annual plays has currently made Globe Productions arguably the fastest-growing theatre company in Ghana with the widest coverage.

Its CEO/Playwright Latif Abubakar, gained international recognition via an interview on BBC world service on the topic “Resurgence of Theatre in Africa”.


Some plays written and produced by Mr Abubakar include ‘I Can’t Think Far’; a non-violence campaign towards the 2016 election which was sponsored by Star-Ghana, UK Aid, DANIDA and the European Union, ‘Saint and Sinners’; which focused on galamsey and sponsored by WaterAid Ghana, and the Media Coalition Against Galamsey, and ‘Men don Die’; a road safety campaign sponsored by the National Road Safety Commission

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