There’s always that one person who will always be of great service in our most difficult time when the need arises and likewise, that one person who will not be available to help out in the situation.

Actor, comedian and presenter, Nana Gyesie Owusu aka NGO, very famous as the quizmaster on the ‘What don’t you know’ satire show revealed on ‘Showbiz Now’ that that one person who will not be available to help him in times of trouble is his friend, co-actor and comedian Lawyer Ntim of Kejetia vrs Mokola fame.

Speaking on the show, NGO did not mince words when host, KMJ asked him to mention that one person who won’t be on his mind to call to save him if he were kidnapped.

“I won’t even try to call Lawyer Ntim to save me. He will not take my call serious and will even ask the kidnappers to go ahead to harm me, thinking I will be joking”.

The Quiz Master appeared on Showbiz Now to also promote the start of the season 3 of ‘What don’t you know’, which premiered on the most viewed TV channel, Joy Prime on October 31.

‘What don’t you know’ airs on Joy Prime on Saturdays at 5 pm every week.